The world of FILA: between sportswear and future, here are the most wanted models

Fila Disruptor Everybody wants them, every teenager – and more – has at least one pair of them in their wardrobe, they have rapidly reached Nike and Adidas on top of the most popular sneakers. We are talking of FILA Disruptor, the modern reinterpretation of the iconic 1996 model. FILA is not new in its field, since it is one of the sportswear companies with the most history behind them in the world. If we try to rewind the tape of memory we go back to 1911, when in a small town near Biella the “Maglificio Biellese” saw the light of day. It was a small company founded by the brothers Fila and producing men’s, women’s and kids’ knitwear and...

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Men's shoes and how to match them to have an impeccable look

The men's shoes models and types are countless and they can make a look stunning, just as much as miserably ruin it. That is the reason why it is important to know how to match the right shoe to the right outfit and bring out  both of them, in order to be a real good taste icon.And here is a mini-guide on how to match 8 shoe types in order to be impeccable, even for the bravest flip-flop enthusiasts.1. TrainersDesigned as sports shoes, nowadays trainers are real accessories for creating an urban and cool look. The famous motto "don't match the shoes" can be helpful here, and matching trainers to an elegant dress, especially in neutral tones if the shoes are bright-coloured, can give an extra touch to the outfit. They...

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Discover the perfect shoe for your zodiac sign in 2021

Aries: stubborn and brave, you often lack constancy and patience, that's why canvas sneakers are the most suitable to move quickly towards new goalsTaurus: patient and thoughtful, everything is considered and thought with calm and lucidity for you I imagine a shoe with a high and wide heel that does not give up a plateau.Twins: restless, but fascinating sometimes touchy . Which shoe do I imagine for you? Between charm and restlessness I couldn't imagine a particular sneaker for you, whether covered with glitter, ribbons or bows, your impatience will make you run far away.Cancer : emotional, mysterious and sometimes aggressive so an elegant heel, lots of brightness and glitter, and a Coco Chanel style shoe. Click here to see...

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