Speedd Hot Couture and Speedd Imola present Video Branding at the Imola Enzo e Dino Ferrari Circuit

The Speedd Social-Community has decided to expand the language of the creative industry and relate to the various generations. Our project has been known to everyone for months now and the goal is to include every single talent into our creations. We have repeatedly underlined the value of sharing, the intention to undergo a transformation together, not only on a creative level but also on an emotional one, to make you all an integral part of our mission. From the base of operations we have in the city of Imola (province of Bologna), a great creative idea is born, which will soon be "tangible with your hands".

Considering Imola, a worldwide known city thanks to its important sporting heritage linked to the world of motor sports and enclosed in the Enzo and Dino Ferrari Circuit, what could be a better scenario to convey the strength of our Society-People? The Speedd Imola event was exactly created to highlight the youthful enthusiasm, our change and the desire to smile by conveying positive energy. How could we spread this message but with dance?

The Speedd Art Direction Team composed by the Creative Directors Aramini Virginia and Bacchilega Nicola, has worked to give life to all of this: from the choice of the choreographer and professional dancer, Domenico Ciaccia (nationwide known, particularly in Rome and Milan), to the selection of the best talents in the Italian scenario, thus promoting the best artists in the dance & performing arts sector and representing at best what the project wants to convey; combining art, creativity, social image and contemporary attitude.

"Choosing the cast was not easy - states D. Ciaccia together with the Creative Director of the Company, - but we are sure that an excellent team work will come out".

In fact, the Talent Cast consists of 13 professional dancers and acrobats who will be responsible for enhancing the "core values" of the company at best, in a dynamic and youthful way.

With the Speedd Imola event we want to unleash all our energy and bring dance and music on the circuit stage, making them absolute protagonists of the event with the staging of the Speedd Girls and Speedd Boys, showing a blaze of colours and and incredible choreographies.

For us, men and women are equal beings who represent a gender union in friendship and loyalty; change is inevitable, it is a momentum that we feel inside us and that pushes us to create an image of ourselves that is always new and different. The Speedd Imola event wants to be this and much more, a winning occasion to convey the desire to be together. The event will be held on June 21, 2021, the countdown has already started and we can't wait to show you the result!