Speedd Frequency, discover the Trainers and T-Shirt Combo


We've already introduced our new Frequency line, we've already told you about our constant desire to change, our love for the little differences making us so unique. We wanted to share with all of you our 90s inspiration, our mood inspired by the world of rap and youth subcultures. From this inspiration and mix of styles the two new Frequency products emerge, which will soon be available exclusively online on our website: the Speedd Frequency t-shirt and trainers. A perfect, street-inspired match that perfectly represents who we are and our constant will to change, which we also want to convey to our customers. In order to do this, we chose a t-shirt with a classic, clean-cut line, slightly oversized, made unmistakable by its graphic taking back the lines and colours of the hoodie, re-imagining everything in a mix that is unique of its kind and shows how the best creativity can come out of chaos. Music blaring, bright colours, an evening spent with your friends: Frequency is this and much more.

T-Shirt Speedd Frequency

That's why we decided to surprise you once again with the new Speedd Frequency trainers. A breathable fabric upper, decorated with unmistakable multi-fabric details; contrast laces, in order to create a play of different shades; and a braided sole, which stands out not only for its comfort but also for the obvious reference to the 90s chunky trainers, a great classic which is made more contemporary than ever by a braid that supports the foot at every step and stands out for its originality. These trainers will be available in 3 different colour variants, because each of us has its own style and passions and it is right that our footwear reflects our thousands of nuances, so that everyone can find the pair of Speedd Frequency that best suits their personality. Perfect to match with our t-shirt, hoodie, or with what you most like in order to express your creativity and stand out from the crowd. These trainers promise to be your best adventure partners, especially while in company, because in the Speedd tribe friendship is crucial and sharing is an absolute value. Are you ready to follow us in this new adventure?

Speedd Frequency