Speedd Community SS21 Hot Couture Collection Fashion & Dance Show - Enzo e Dino Ferrari Racetrack in Imola (BO)

Weeks of preparation, rehearsals and a lot of work in order to amaze you on the occasion of the Speedd Imola 2021 event. A show prepared in every single detail, from choreographies to the outfits of our talents, to give birth to a unique experience of dance, music and energy that could break the mold and surprise you. The incredible setting of the Enzo e Dino Ferrari Racetrack in Imola (BO), which hosted the performance with its impressive location, allowed us to create the best scenario to tell our story in a perfect stage for our exceptional cast of professional dancers coordinated by the experience of choreographer and dancer Domenico Ciaccia. His energy and endless creativity were fundamental to the success of this event, because our intent was to convey grit and true essence through music and dance.

The soul of the event, however, were our professional dancers, a top-class cast that filled the Speedd Imola 2021 event with rhythm and color. Among the talents the name of Emma Del Toro stands out, a dancer and influencer who is well known not only in the world of dance but also on social networks (her profile on Tik Tok has more than 600 thousand followers!), but she was joined by other excellent professionals: Giulia Bresciani, Camila Messori, Ilaria Ercolani, Laura Tassara, Lorenzo Martelli, Yusef Zahir, Castillo Kevin, Kouadio Samuel Erisson and the two breakers Matteo Aprile and Vittorio Castracani.

Not only dance, but also incredible break dance tricks that warmed up the stage of the Autodromo Enzo and Dino Ferrari of Imola in a blaze of joy and colours.

The choreographies and the footage we have made, which will soon be available on all our social channels, were developed by Domenico Ciaccia together with the Speedd's creative team formed by Virginia Aramini and Nicola Bacchilega, who also took care of the styling with rebellious, sensual and colorful outfits from our Speedd Hot Couture SS21 line, knowingly mixing our iconic clothing, our futuristic and always innovative shoes and a touch of Speedd fuchsia, which contributes to the party atmosphere.

The choreographies aim at involving the audience and tell about the Speedd Community, inclusive and full of creativity, as well as the inseparable pair between man and woman, everything in a playful and festive atmosphere that ends with the victory of everyone, an incredible moment of celebration that sanctions the creation of the Community and shows that the best creativity can only rise from the opposites. The video will be available from today on our Speedd Store Youtube channel! High As Fast!