7 ideas to best match your sneakers

Timeless and cool in every season, sneakers are a timeless shoe that can really be worn by everyone. Their history dates back to the 1990s, when men's shoes were beginning to change and revolutionize their appearance. Women's shoes were also beginning to undergo a major transformation, becoming more comfortable and sporty. Since then, sneakers have been the absolute stars of street style culture. But how best to pair them to create perfect looks every time? Here are 7 ideas to achieve casual and stylish outfits from morning to evening.

Sneakers with an office outfit

With a few small tricks, it is possible to play on contrasts so as to recreate an impeccable office look, with a refined cut but with a casual touch. Experimenting with colors and fabrics is in fact the trump card for a never trivial style suitable even for formal occasions so as to break the seriousness with class.

Minimal chic

Combining sneakers with different types of pants is always a good idea. In fact, this shoe was born to be comfortable and versatile, suitable for all occasions of the day. Often, a pair of black pants paired with a colorful and vibrant top is enough, or again, you can combine a shorts with a pastel-colored shirt and combine it with gorgeous colorful sneakers.

French look

Envied and copied by the whole world, the Parisian look is truly unique. Well, sneakers also fit perfectly with this style. Paired with a long trench coat and simple straight-cut jeans, sneakers such as adidas or nike immediately make Paris, creating an interesting look that is great for running to work or sitting in a club sipping tea. The French look allows anyone and everyone to always be chic with sophistication.

Bon ton or preppy

The Preppy style is characterized by garments with a feminine and classic cut, to which a contemporary detail is added to enhance the personality of the wearer. This style is inspired by American colleges, where the dress code included delightful pleated skirts paired with well-structured collared polo shirts. This outfit strictly wants sneakers that can be either simple in pastel tones or colorful.


Even the most elegant dress can be worn in an original way by pairing it with sneakers. These shoes immediately create an original, seductive and at the same time feisty look. Romantic tulle, fluffy and floral dresses immediately acquire a youthful flavor that dampens the seriousness of the dress.

Sneakers and midi dresses

Staying on the topic of dresses, midi dresses also lend themselves to be paired with a casual shoe such as sneakers. It can be a coat or a skirt, although predominantly we find it in the form of a dress, so much so that it has now become the fashion of the moment. In spring we find it worn with cute nikes or adidas, perfect for breaking up the look and making it casual chic.